“Work ethic is very important. The days of being a natural, and just showing up and winning contests, is not realistic. There are too many talented surfers out there and the difference is between who is going to be good, and who is going to be great. The level is so high that it takes complete dedication, focus and determination. You have to keep it fun, but if you want to be the best, you are going to have to work hard.”

― Rainos Hayes

Rainos Hayes is recognized as one of Hawaii’s most elite, experienced, and dedicated competitive surfing coaches. For the past 20 years, Hayes has been the team manager and head coach for the Hawaii Surf Team and the Billabong team in Hawaii. Combining his experience as a professional surfer and knack for competitive surfing strategy, Hayes delivers a positive style of teaching that is encouraging and caring. His coaching builds confidence, knowledge, and a strong work ethic as he inspires young athletes to live up to their highest potential. An impressive number of the athletes he has coached have become successful and accomplished surfers (and surf coaches), proving time and again that Hayes has all the essential ingredients for coaching success.