Summer Macedo

Age: 15

  • Gold Medal at 2015 ISA Junior Games

Birthdate:  9/11/00

Island:  Maui

Hometown:  Lahaina, Hawaii

Nickname:  Sum

Regular or Goofyfooted:  Regular

Years Surfing:  around 7 or 8

Favorite Surf Break:  Honolua Bay

Sponsors:  Roxy, Bulkley surfboards, Maui Jim sunglasses, Mokulele Airlines, DaKine

Favorite Maneuver:  Power hack

Most Inspiring Surfer and Why:  Carissa Moore, she’s a 3x World champ and an all around good person.

What are your goals for surfing?  My ultimate goal is to qualify for the WSL championship tour.

What does the being part of the Hawaii Surf Team mean to you?  Being a part of the Hawaii surf team is really important to me because it’s very prestigious and I use the things I learn at training and at Worlds in my other competitions. The support from the team and Bert and Rainos is like no other.

Tell us something you like about yourself:  I draw, sing, cross train, and do a lot of school when I’m not surfing.