Name Here

Age: 16

Birthdate:  September 16, 1999
Island:  Oahu
Hometown:  Kailua, Oahu
Regular or Goofyfooted:  Regular
Years Surfing:  Stood up on a board when I was 3 😉
Favorite Surf Break:  Lakey Peak
Sponsors:  Rip Curl, Makani Shapes, T&C, Smith, Vertra, ProLite, Futures, Charming Shark, Tonic, Ricante, BoardStix, Kalapawai
Favorite Maneuver:  Front side blowtail
Most Inspiring Surfer and Why:  Carissa Moore for her sweetness, kindness and always raising the bar!
What are your goals for surfing?  Keep improving and learning new things and hopefully get on the world tour one day.
What does the being part of the Hawaii Surf Team mean to you?  It makes me so proud and honored to be able to represent Hawaii and work with the best coaches and surfers in the world as a team.
Tell us something you like about yourself:  I like that I am able to make people happy with my cooking!